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Places Nearby


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The places nearby our property to swim, boat, and fish are:

Dunkard Creek - Brave, PA - About 4 miles from the property

Oak Forest Road (Southbound) will take you directly into Brave and the Dunkard Creek is on the right side of the road.



Cheat Lake - Morgantown, WV - About 40 minutes (37 miles) from the property





Directions to Cheat Lake from our property in Spraggs, PA

Start: Spraggs, PA

1. Head northeast on PA-218 North (Smith Creek Road) toward T318                                                    1.2 mi

2. Turn right onto Fuller Road                                                                                                                            0.9 mi

3. Turn left onto Rudolph Run Road (State Route 2001)                                                                           

Continue to follow Rudolph Run Road                                                                                                 0.5 mi

4. Turn right onto Kirby Road (State Route 2018)

         Continue to follow State Route 2018                                                                                                      6.5 mi

5. Take the Interstate 79 South ramp to Morgantown                                                                                 0.2 mi

6. Merge onto 1-79 South

Entering West Virginia                                                                                                                            17.9 mi

7. Take Exit 148 to merge onto I-68 East toward Cumberland                                                                10.4 mi

End: Cheat Lake, WV                                                                                                             Total Mileage: 37.6 miles


There are many events held around the area throughout the year.  Here are some of the events and the links to see the full listings and dates of events for 2011.

Recreational Events:

Click Here to view a listing of the upcoming events at the Greene County Fairgrounds - Just 10 miles from the property.

Click Here to view a listing of all the tourism events in the area of Greene County.

Click Here to view a listing of the day camps available in Greene County.

Click Here to view the website for the Greene County Agriculture Fair taking place in August 2011.

Click Here to view the website for the Historic Jack Town Fair taking place in July 2011.

Click Here to view a listing of the local pools, roller rinks, parks, etc.


Brochure Links for Local Greene County Recreational Places

Click Here to view a brochure for local pools and tennis courts.

Click Here to view a brochure of the fairs and festivals for 2011.


Pictured here is the pool located in Waynesburg, PA about 10 miles from the property.


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Click here to view a description of our vacation rental home located on Oak Forest Road.

Click here to view a description of our vacation rental cabin located on Bulldog Road.


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