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Cabin Rentals


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This home is a Cape Cod Style two story home located along Oak Forest Road.  There are 3 bedrooms, which can sleep up to at least 8 people.  This home is the perfect place to rest after a long day of hunting.  The home has one large bathroom, a kitchen area, dining room, and large living room with a wood fireplace.  The home is situated on a 10 acre track of ground.  The acreage behind the home is also Rinkhoff Agricultural Enterprises, LLC property.  Shown below is the home (black box) showing the surrounding property.


Here are some photos of the home and the surrounding area of the home:



Here are some photos of the front of the house.  The neighbor's garden, and the neighbor's home across the road.


Photos of the right side of the yard, and to the left side of the yard. 


Photo of the back yard of the home.


Cabin for Rental in Near Future 

The cabin is a one story cabin with a full basement located along Bull Dog Run Road.  It is situated on a 39 acre tract of ground.  We are in the process of mainenencing the home, but it may be available soon.  There is one bedroom, with another room attached to living room that is open that is also used for a sleeping area.  This cabin can sleep at least 8 people as well.  There is a living room upstairs, with the 2 sleeping areas.  The basement has a kitchen, a bathroom, and an open area for sitting.  The surrounding area is also owned by our partnership.

Here are some photos of the cabin, and the area around the cabin:





Pictured above are the side views of the cabin. 


Pictured to the left is behind the wooded area behind the cabin, and the picture on the right is the view to the left of the cabin.


Pictured here is the beautiful view from the front porch of the cabin. 




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