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Photos of our Manufacturing Process - Large Diameter Shells


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Pictured above left: 10", 8", 6", 5", 4" & 3" case formers for the manufacturing of canister shells.

Pictured above right: The bottom of a 8" canister shell to show the spiking pattern.





      Photo of a strung 8" insert shell. 












Photo of a strung 8" 3-break canister shell.

The single break, double break and triple break shells are all strung the same way.  The only difference in the stringing pattern are the horizontal strings.  As you can tell, in this photo there are 3 different types of horizontal strings.  The top of the shell has the squares of string which is where the stars are located.  By making these squares, it keeps the stars under more pressure until the strings finally break.  This causes the stars to be shot out much further than if there were no squares strung into the string.  The middle is where the inserts are located.  There is only one strand so that the inserts blow out quickly.  The bottom of the shell is where the bottom shot is located.  The bottom shot only requires










This is a photo of 8" 3-break canister shells and single break shells after they are pasted and drying in the sun.  These shells require the pasting and drying process 3 times to be a completed pasted shell.  This gives the shell the correct number of layers and outside diameter.















Next, the shells need to have the passfires attached from the time fuse, on top of the shell to the lift powder which will be on the bottom of the shell.  Passfires are mostly used for large shells so that the time fuse is not damaged upon firing of the shell, and it is a safer way to fuse large diameter shells.











Then,  the leader must be inserted and tied with the lift wrap paper.  The lift powder has already been added, as you can see where the paper was tied on the bottom of the shell.













Pictured here are the single break canister shells once they are finished.


































Pictured above & below:  Finished 3-break and single break canister and round shells.























The first step to manufacturing for these large shells is making all of the materials.   The stars, burst powder, match, and lift powder are all manufactured prior to any shell assembly.  Once all of the materials are manufactured, the shells are assembled.














Once the 8", 10", and 12" round shells are filled with stars & burst the halves are taped closed.  Then the shells are pasted with kraft paper tape until the correct amount of layers are achieved.  The amount of layers is determined by the correct diameter of the shell compared to the mortar size and the force in which you want the shell to break. 












10" Round shells that are ready to be taped with paper tape.

















Once the shells are taped, the time fuse is inserted, the lowering strings and rope are attached, and the leader is attached.  Then the lift powder is taped to the bottom of the shell. 















12", 10", and 8" finished round shells.

















Pictured here are finished 12", 10", and 8" round and canister shells ready to be placed into boxes.






















Pictured from Left to Right is Bryce, his Uncle Bill Rinkhoff, and his Great Aunt Francie.  During this photo, Uncle Bill was giving his Aunt Francie a tour of our manufacturing plant.




























Pictured above left:  Bryce getting ready to test a new color/effect for a 10" round shell, 10" canister shell, and a 5" round shell.

Pictured above right: Bryce getting ready to test  an 8" 3-break canister shell, 8" single break canister shell, and a 6" 2-break canister shell.