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 A Firework Display Company, American Manufacturer of High Quality Firework Display Shells, & Special Effect Displays.

Firework Displays in Pennsylvania





Firework Pictures & Videos

Photos of Manufacturing Fireworks for our Firework Displays

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Photos of our Manufacturing Process

Photos of our Manufactured Fireworks in the Night Sky

Videos of our Manufactured Fireworks  Sign on Rt. 51 North bound lane Old Glory Powder Company




Check out our sign located on Route 51 North Bound Lane side!









Inserts made for our firework displays in Pa  


As in our manufacturing process, the stars, powders, inserts, black match, cans, and all other materials are manufactured first before any assembling takes place.







Fireworks strung and ready to be pasted 

Once the material is manufactured, we begin assembling hundreds of 3 Inch, 4 Inch, & 5 Inch salutes, single break canister shells, round shells, two break & three break canister shell fireworks.







multiple break & round shells manufactured by Old Glory powder company

Strung 3 Inch and 4 Inch canister shells ready to be pasted, and 4 inch and 5 inch round shells ready to be taped.  Since there are considerably more layers of paper needed on a round firework, they are taped with a gummed tape instead of being pasted.  Once the gum tape is applied, the shells do not need to be dried at all.  The shells are then ready to be finished, making these fireworks much faster to produce.




Fireworks drying on drying rack 


Pasted firework shells drying on an outside drying rack.  It usually takes about 1 day to fully dry these shells if there is full sun and a light breeze.











Finished firework shells 




The fireworks are then finished with the leader, black powder lift, lift wrap, and shell tags. 









Hand tied finale chains manufactured by old glory powder companyOld Glory Powder Company manufactures our own finale chains.  We manufacture the black match, make the paper leader pipe, and then hand tie the finale chains.

 Since our chains burn considerably slower than the Chinese quick match, our finales last much longer and allows the spectators eyes to pick up all  of the finale's explosions of brilliant colors!

Once the finale chains are all manufactured, then we begin tying each individual firework shell to the chain.  By doing our chains this way, we choreograph our finales to our many varieties of American Fireworks. 






These are some of our larger diameter shells that we incorporate into our finales.  Single break 4 inch to 8 inch shells are used depending upon the distances from spectators and buildings.  We also incorporate double and triple break 5 inch and 6 inch fireworks in our shows and finales.






Fireworks for finales ready to be tied on




Once all of the fireworks have the leader, black powder lift charge, and lift wrap completed, we sort the fireworks into labeled boxes.

Organization is very important in tying finale chains.  There are 10 fireworks per each strand of a finale chain.  The fireworks must then be selected to be tied onto the chain.  Our company usually makes the first chain in the finale red, white, and blue, and then from there we add in many other varieties of colors, salutes, and whistling shells.  We also attach whistles to the top of our fireworks for our shows and finales so that the shell whistles as it ascends, and then explodes.









fireworks ready to be tied to chains




More fireworks organized in boxes ready to be tied to finale chains.











Firework racksRainbow at a firework display in PA












Pictured on the left: Firework racks loaded and ready to fire! 

On the right:  A rainbow on a display site to show how God has still kept his promise to all of us, and it also reminds our company how God has truly blessed us!



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