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A Firework Display Company, American Manufacturer of High Quality Firework Display Shells, & Special  Effect Displays.

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       We are a firework display company that does Class B firework displays for many different events such as:  Fire Department Carnivals, Street Fairs, Festivals, Anniversaries, Firemen's Association Conventions, Historical Society Events, Gatherings, Park Anniversaries, Civil War Reenactment Special Effects Displays, Family Gatherings, Weddings, Graduations, Restaurant & Store Openings, Birthday Parties, Welcome Home Parties, 4th of July Celebrations, Fall Festivals, Hay Ride Events, Christmas & New Year's Celebrations & much more!                                                                                                                 




Display Firework manufactured by Old Glory Powder CompanyThis is a  photo of our own three inch Fancy Magenta & Gold Glitter Canister shell.

Our firework display company does firework displays mostly in our local area of Pennsylvania, including Allegheny County, Washington County, Fayette County, and Greene County, Pennsylvania.  As our company grows, we continue to expand to new counties, including Butler County and Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

We incorporate 65% of our own manufactured fireworks into our firework displays, this includes our specialty firework display shells as well, such as our three inch to eight inch fancy canister color firework display shells, salutes, color, silver whistles, & report, color & report, color & whistles, artillery, color & artillery, color, artillery & report, silver whistles & report, and many more varieties of our manufactured fireworks. 


 display firework manufactured by Old Glory Powder Company



This is a picture of our own four inch Fancy Green, Tiger Tail, & White Glitter Canister Shell.




 If you are interested in a firework display, please contact us for a more detailed description of the shows that we offer.  We arrange our firework displays by the main show, and then following is the grand finale.  Below is a photo our 4 inch specialty shell along with some photos our finales.





4 inch Tigertail color, whistles, & report shell manufactured by Old Glory Powder Company                                                                                         This is a photo of our 4 inch Tiger Tail Color with Silver Whistles, and Report Specialty Firework Display Shell manufactured by Old Glory Powder Company.  This is a photo of the shell that is described in the last paragraph of our manufacturing page.
















Firework display finale in Pennslyvniafinale shells



These are photos of our beautiful finales, electrically fired using our own manufactured black match and leaders.  Our company also incorporates whistling salutes to give the finale very intense sound effects along with our brilliant special finale firework display shells that we also manufacture.  These firework display shells give our finales vibrant colors that only our American made fireworks can display.






















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