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A Firework Display Company, American Manufacturer of High Quality Firework Display Shells, & Special Effect Displays.

Red & Gold Canister Shell Firework in Pennsylvania 





Firework Pictures & Videos

Photos of our Manufactured Fireworks in the Night Sky


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Photos of our Manufacturing Process

Photos of Manufacturing Fireworks for our Firework Displays

Videos of our Manufactured Fireworks  


If you or your organization would like a firework display for your special occasion, please contact us once you know your budget, and we will be delighted to send you a brochure and information about your display.


The Front Cover of our Brochure.

Brochure for Old Glory Powder Company to explain firework displays




Our company will send you our brochure and more information if you would like a firework display for any event that you or your organization is celebrating! 


We have a lot of couples that contact us for fireworks on their wedding day!






Multiple Break Canister Shell Fireworks manufactured by our company

mangenta&gold canister shell firework with artilleryred&blue canister shell firework with artillery











 Pictured on the left: 3 Inch Red, Blue & Artillery Shell Firework.  The bright white "stars" are the artillery inserts exploding. 

On the right: 3 Inch Magenta, Gold & Artillery Shell Firework.

red,white,bluewhistles firework and red& green fireworkRed, white, green and report firework shell











 On the left: 3 Inch Red, Blue, & Silver Whistles Canister firework shell.  The snake-like white streaks in the photo are the silver tailed whistles. 

On the right: 4 Inch Red, Green, and Report (boom!).  This one may be hard to see, but the report is the small white star at the bottom of the picture.  These bottom shots go off about 3 seconds after the shell breaks, bringing quit a surprise to the spectators!

blue & white with silver whistles




3 Inch Blue, Gold, and Silver Whistles Canister Firework Shell with a white canister shell breaking at the same time. 





red canister shell with magenta & green & artillery firework shells




3 Inch Magenta, Green & Artillery Canister Shell with a Red Firework breaking at the same time.









Canister & Round Shell Fireworks

Red & Blue Firework Manufactured by Old Glory Powder Company



As you can see our 3" canister shells are loaded with brilliant colors. 







White & Gold Canister Shell Fireworks in Pa





Our 3" White Canister Shells are a pure, vibrant white that lights up the night sky.   Our Gold Canister shells strobe just before the star finishes burning.








Magenta, Red & Blue Canister Color Fireworks in Pa 

We use many Red, White, and Blue canister shells on our displays on or near the 4th of July to give a Patriotic Show from the beginning all the way to finale! 






red, white, & blue canister shell fireworks in Pennsylvania





More Red, White, & Blue Patriotic Canister Shells! 










Multiple Color Canister Shell Firework in Pa







Shown here is one of our 4" Multi-color Canister Shells.  These really look like a rainbow! 
















Finale Photos


Finale in Pennsylvaia 






















Above and Below are pictures of our Finales.  The above photo was taken toward the beginning of the finale, as there are many varieties of color shells, and not as many salutes (BANGS!) 

The picture below is as the finale is coming to the end, and the bright white "stars" that you see in the photo are salutes going off.

Finale Firework Shells in Pa 
























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