About Us

I have been experimenting with pyrotechnics since the age of eight with firecrackers and bottle rockets. At the age of eleven, my brothers and I built our first black powder cannon, and of course our father bought the black powder for us. Then at age twelve we got involved in civil war reenacting, and we were in the movies Gettysburg and Andersonville. When we were doing the movie Gettysburg, I watched the pyrotechnicians wire all the pyrotechnics to simulate the cannon fire. Through my teenage years we were always developing small fireworks just using common gun powder. Then at age twenty-five I met another pyrotechnic manufacturer that was in it for a business, and he told me the procedure for obtaining an ATF license and manufacturing legally for myself. Since I have had my license I have done a lot of research on the manufacturing process of fireworks.
I first started out manufacturing and performing the special effects for civil war reenactments. We make the special effects very realistic by creating a earth heaving effect and concussion effect at the same time. We also add a hot shrapnel effect and a incoming whistling shell effect. The reenactors love these effects and so do the spectators.
 Since I loved doing the special effects so much, I got started doing firework displays. We started out doing a few displays a year for local communities, and since then it had been growing more and more each year.